Sunday, April 28, 2013

Borawan Trip (My Sweet YES!)

April 2012
The place is very special for me and my boyfriend, since this is the place where i gave my SWEET YES to Him. The place where him and I became US.
HERE's the story:
It was near dusk when I asked him to sit with me on the sand then I pull up notes on my phone (Yes i am prepared for this lol) then I read it in front of him, I was really shy because I'm not an expressive person especially with my feelings (I think if have whiter skin I will surely blush hahah). Then there, I said yes, I will be her girl :).

If you wanted to go there, you just also need to go to Padre Burgos Port, if you're not sure where that port is, just read my previous post about Puting Buhangin because technically it is just the same port.

Borawan island, short for Boracay and Palawan is just a small island which is located on the other side of the port just like Dampalitan, boat ride is less that 30 mins. I can say it is nearer compared to Puting buhangin, Dampalitan is the first.

The place is nice, calm, and less waves, but the water is a little fuzzy, I can say "Pwede na" but if you are really looking for a really clear water near the metro you could consider going to Puting Buhangin because the water there is like swimming pool. You need proof? Just check on my Puting Buhangin blog post. 

By the way, this place have their own Restroom but if you wanted to buy fresh water as far as I could remember 1 pale costs php 30. They also have newly built Nipa Hut cottages, you can camp there overnight but you have to pay certain amount.

I highly recommend that if you will go to this place, do not forget to go to Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin.

Or make this island a side trip only.

Here are the pictures of our Trip:

(All photos are mine)

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